Thursday, November 29, 2012

Term2 JADM Majors

Aloha JADM Majors,

Here are the JADM courses offered this term:

JADM 2050 Basic Criminology
**Used to be JADM 3050; this course will satisfy the JADM 3050 requirement**

JADM 3070 Justice Management
For those who have been asking why Professor John Little did not teach a course last term, he will be teaching both JADM 2050 and JADM 3070 this term (both offered at Hickam on Mondays and Thursdays respectively). There’s also still time to register for the JADM 3520 Drug Abuse and Justice course he’s teaching in the Interim at Hickam (which will run 17 December through 5 January).

JADM 3300 Criminal Procedures
Judge Randal Lee will be teaching this course. For those of you who have taken his classroom courses, you may want to consider taking JADM 3300 with him. This course will be offered online. It is recommended that you have completed JADM 3500 Criminal Law before enrolling in JADM 3300. 

JADM 3320 Corrections: Process/Programs
Professor Jennifer Merkle is teaching this course and you will find that her personal experiences and the real life situations she has encountered will make this class very interesting and educational. Professor Merkle is an attorney with the Federal Detention Center and as mentioned in her syllabus, she will be: “Introducing the issues faced by corrections professionals on a regular basis. For those not interested in a career in corrections, this course will introduce to you the challenging and often competing goals society sets for correctional facilities and correctional professionals.” This course should help students understand the real-life impact that proposals impacting corrections can have. JADM 3320 will be offered at Hickam on Wednesday evenings.
The following courses will also be offered online:
JADM 1000 Crimes and Criminals
JADM 2000 Laws & Courts in World Cultures
JADM 2060 Civil/Criminal Justice Systems (**Same course as JADM 3060**)
JADM 3530 Juvenile Deviancy and Justice
SOC 3100 Methods of Inquiry

Best wishes and REGISTER EARLY! :)