Thursday, November 29, 2012

Term2 JADM Majors

Aloha JADM Majors,

Here are the JADM courses offered this term:

JADM 2050 Basic Criminology
**Used to be JADM 3050; this course will satisfy the JADM 3050 requirement**

JADM 3070 Justice Management
For those who have been asking why Professor John Little did not teach a course last term, he will be teaching both JADM 2050 and JADM 3070 this term (both offered at Hickam on Mondays and Thursdays respectively). There’s also still time to register for the JADM 3520 Drug Abuse and Justice course he’s teaching in the Interim at Hickam (which will run 17 December through 5 January).

JADM 3300 Criminal Procedures
Judge Randal Lee will be teaching this course. For those of you who have taken his classroom courses, you may want to consider taking JADM 3300 with him. This course will be offered online. It is recommended that you have completed JADM 3500 Criminal Law before enrolling in JADM 3300. 

JADM 3320 Corrections: Process/Programs
Professor Jennifer Merkle is teaching this course and you will find that her personal experiences and the real life situations she has encountered will make this class very interesting and educational. Professor Merkle is an attorney with the Federal Detention Center and as mentioned in her syllabus, she will be: “Introducing the issues faced by corrections professionals on a regular basis. For those not interested in a career in corrections, this course will introduce to you the challenging and often competing goals society sets for correctional facilities and correctional professionals.” This course should help students understand the real-life impact that proposals impacting corrections can have. JADM 3320 will be offered at Hickam on Wednesday evenings.
The following courses will also be offered online:
JADM 1000 Crimes and Criminals
JADM 2000 Laws & Courts in World Cultures
JADM 2060 Civil/Criminal Justice Systems (**Same course as JADM 3060**)
JADM 3530 Juvenile Deviancy and Justice
SOC 3100 Methods of Inquiry

Best wishes and REGISTER EARLY! :)


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Term2 General Education Courses

Aloha Hickam Ohana,

We have several GenEd courses that you may want to consider taking in Term-2 (January-March).
ARTH 2820 Images of the Military in Visual Art and Culture
This course examines selected images of military representations as fine arts from Classical to Modern times in global contexts. It aims to reconsider how these images are being constructed in mainly four regions: Near East, Europe, Asia and North America.  A field trip to the Honolulu Museum of Arts is also planned for this course. This course satisfies World A or World C requirement as well as the Art Theme requirement.  It will be offered at Hickam on Thursday evenings.

CHIN 1100 Beginning Mandarin
China plays a significant role in the world’s economy. If you are a business major or planning to pursue a position in a multinational, NGO or government affiliated institution, whose operations are active in China or other Asian nations (Mandarin is also spoken in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia), it will be advantageous to learn Mandarin. Modern Language is a requirement for certain majors but this course can also substitute for Global B requirement – check with your advisor. CHIN 1100 will be offered at Hickam on Monday and Wednesday evenings. Note: language courses end at 8pm instead of 9:40pm and are (4) semester hours instead of (3).  

INTR 1000 The International System
How should we think about this new world that is marked by the integration of globalization and the division of terrorism and genocide? This course will present major works by well-known thinkers on both previous global systems and new views of the present and future international systems. This course is a good Global C option for INTR/INTLST/DMS/PSCI majors or anyone who prefers not to take (2) Natural Science courses.  INTR 1000 will be offered at Tripler on Tuesday evenings.

MUS 1000 Intro to Western Classical Music
MUS 1000 is usually offered online but due to demand from students, we have started to offer the course in the classroom. We received positive reviews for Dr. Beth Uele’s course two terms ago. Students were pleasantly surprised that they would enjoy and learn from this class.  This course is a good option for World C requirement and will meet Art Theme requirements as well.  MUS 1000 will be offered at Hickam on Tuesdays.

If you have any questions about these classes or concerns with your degree plan, please contact your HPU base location as soon as possible.

Best wishes and REGISTER EARLY!


Monday, November 26, 2012

HPU Basketball!

Come see the HPU Sea Warriors @ Bloch Areana (on Pearl Harbor)!

HPU Men's Basketball
December 16th (Sunday):   HPU vs. Menlo College @ 1400
December 19th (Wednesday):   HPU vs. Upper Iowa @ 1400

Term 2 Registration!

Registration opens in 1 week!! (3 December)

Check back here for more information from the advisor about specific degree programs and general education courses for Term 2-2013.

Contact your HPU MCP office for more information or questions concerning your specific degree plan.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Psychology Survey

ATTENTION Psychology Majors
(and all those considering the Psychology major)

Please take a moment to complete our brief survey about Psychology classes offered through HPU's Military Campus Program.

We appreciate your time and input!

-MCP Hickam Ohana

Interim - December Accelerated Classes

Aloha Hickam Ohana,

If you are not going home for the Holidays and would like to get an extra course in before regular Term-2 starts, consider taking a class in the Interim.

For those completing CCAF, COM 2000 Public Speaking will be offered at Hickam. Besides COM 2000, we are also offering PSY 1000 Intro to Psychology and SOC 1000 Intro to Sociology online - either will meet the Social Science requirement.

For JADM majors, if you need to fulfill an Upper-Division JADM elective requirement, Professor John Little will be teaching JADM 3520 Drug Abuse & Justice at Hickam.

For DMS, INTR, INTLST and PSCI majors, PSCI 3430 America: Images from Abroad is being offered online. This course can fulfill Upper-Division elective requirement for DMS, INTR and PSCI majors. For INTLST majors, this course is an elective option for the American Concentration.

For Business majors, if you have not completed MGMT 1000 Principles of Management, this is a great course to complete during the Interim since it’s a prerequisite for your Upper-Division MGMT courses. If Human Resource Management or General Business is your concentration, MGMT 3421 Managing Employee Benefit Plan is offered online. This course is very relevant to any business setting.

Registration for the Interim is ongoing. Please contact your HPU-MCP Office for more information regarding class time and dates. Or visit the ‘Courses’ tab on our Hickam blog.

Have a Wonderful  & Happy Thanksgiving!!

--Yvonne Vance
Academic Advisor-Hickam

Friday, November 16, 2012

Classes, November 23


While some HPU MCP offices will be closed on the 23rd of November, there will still be classes held on all bases.

(To include: CLEP and DSST/DANTES)

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact your HPU MCP base for more information.


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Yay A/C!

The A/C in Hangar 2 has been repaired!!

We are leaving it up to instructors (and their classes) whether they remain at Pearl Harbor for the remainder of the term or if they want to move back to Hickam.

So far, the following classes will be held @ Hickam:
INTR 3900
CSCI 1301
PHIL 2090
JADM 2000
JADM 3500
WRI 1200

HIST 3411
JADM 2060

JADM 3550
BIOL 1300
HIST 2001

ACCT 2000
MATH 1130
SOC 3100

MGMT 2000
JADM 3510
MATH 1123

MATH 1101

Updates will be posted as we receive them. Please also check your Pipeline emails for updates from instructors.

Mahalo for your patience and continued cooperation!!

Feel free to contact us with questions or concerns.

-HPU MCP @ Hickam
(updated 20 November @ 1100)

Friday, November 9, 2012

Office Closed for Veteran's Day

In observance of Veteran's Day, HPU offices (to include all base locations) will be closed Monday, 12 November. We will reopen Tuesday, 13 November with normal business hours.


Thank you to all the Veterans for everything you have done for us and for this country. We are proud to serve you!     -HPU Military Campus Programs @ Hickam

"As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them." 
- John F. Kennedy

Wednesday, November 7, 2012



Effective IMMEDIATELY: ALL Hickam classes are moving to Pearl Harbor.

Due to the broken A/C in Hangar 2 and the resulting extreme heat in the building, we are moving all classes to PEARL HARBOR for the remainder of the term.


You will receive a phone call from the Hickam staff about the move as well.

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your continued cooperation.

See below for the class assignments @ Pearl Harbor (updated 7 November @ 1135)

-MCP @ Hickam