Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Term2 General Education Courses

Aloha Hickam Ohana,

We have several GenEd courses that you may want to consider taking in Term-2 (January-March).
ARTH 2820 Images of the Military in Visual Art and Culture
This course examines selected images of military representations as fine arts from Classical to Modern times in global contexts. It aims to reconsider how these images are being constructed in mainly four regions: Near East, Europe, Asia and North America.  A field trip to the Honolulu Museum of Arts is also planned for this course. This course satisfies World A or World C requirement as well as the Art Theme requirement.  It will be offered at Hickam on Thursday evenings.

CHIN 1100 Beginning Mandarin
China plays a significant role in the world’s economy. If you are a business major or planning to pursue a position in a multinational, NGO or government affiliated institution, whose operations are active in China or other Asian nations (Mandarin is also spoken in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia), it will be advantageous to learn Mandarin. Modern Language is a requirement for certain majors but this course can also substitute for Global B requirement – check with your advisor. CHIN 1100 will be offered at Hickam on Monday and Wednesday evenings. Note: language courses end at 8pm instead of 9:40pm and are (4) semester hours instead of (3).  

INTR 1000 The International System
How should we think about this new world that is marked by the integration of globalization and the division of terrorism and genocide? This course will present major works by well-known thinkers on both previous global systems and new views of the present and future international systems. This course is a good Global C option for INTR/INTLST/DMS/PSCI majors or anyone who prefers not to take (2) Natural Science courses.  INTR 1000 will be offered at Tripler on Tuesday evenings.

MUS 1000 Intro to Western Classical Music
MUS 1000 is usually offered online but due to demand from students, we have started to offer the course in the classroom. We received positive reviews for Dr. Beth Uele’s course two terms ago. Students were pleasantly surprised that they would enjoy and learn from this class.  This course is a good option for World C requirement and will meet Art Theme requirements as well.  MUS 1000 will be offered at Hickam on Tuesdays.

If you have any questions about these classes or concerns with your degree plan, please contact your HPU base location as soon as possible.

Best wishes and REGISTER EARLY!