Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Aloha DMS, HIST, PSCI and INTLREL/ST Majors,

Here are some courses related to your majors you may want to consider taking in Term-2:
ARTH 2820 Images of the Military in Visual Art and Culture
This course examines selected images of military representations as fine arts from classical to modern times in global contexts. It aims to reconsider how these images are being constructed in mainly four regions: Near East, Europe, Asia and North America.  This course satisfies World C requirement as well as the Art Theme requirement.  It will be offered at Hickam on Thursday evenings.

CHIN 1100 Beginning Mandarin
If you have not completed your language requirement, consider taking CHIN 1100. China plays a significant role in the world – economically, socially and politically. Thus, it will be advantageous to learn Mandarin especially for BAINTLST majors with Asian Concentration (besides China, Mandarin is spoken in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia). CHIN 1100 will be offered at Hickam on Monday and Wednesday evenings. Note: Language courses end at 8pm instead of 9:40pm and are (4) semester hours instead of (3). 
ECON 3300 Money and Banking
For INTLREL majors, ECON 3300 can be substituted for one of the upper-division ECON requirements (you need two). If you are using VA for tuition, see your advisor to complete a General Petition prior to registering for the course. ECON 3300 will be offered at Hickam on Wednesday evenings. 

HIST 2402 History of Modern China
For HIST majors, most of you will have to complete at least one lower-division American History course. HIST 2402 covers the Civil War and its aftermath, industrialization, external expansion, two world wars, and domestic affairs from 1865 to the present. Dr. Justin Vance will be teaching this course at Hickam on Wednesday evenings.

HIST 3666 U.S. Military History
HIST 4961 History of Military Thought
Dr. Brian Price will be teaching both these courses – HIST 3666 at K-Bay on Wednesdays and HIST 4961 at Hickam on Thursdays. Dr. Price received his Ph.D. from the University of North Texas in History, where he worked on European and American military history. For the last two years, he worked with the US Army’s Human Terrain System in Afghanistan, where as a combat advisor, he conducted field research with combat patrols and provided socio-cultural, political and security analysis for NATO and American forces in Kapisa and Ghazni provinces.

INTR 1000 The International System
How should we think about this new world that is marked by the integration of globalization and the division of terrorism and genocide? This course will present major works by well-known thinkers on both previous global systems and new views of the present and future international systems. This course is a good Global C option so you only have to take (1) Natural Science course.  INTR 1000 will be offered at Tripler on Tuesday evenings.

We are also offering several Upper-Division Electives this term:
                HIST 3302 History of Modern China (Hickam-Fridays)
                INTR 3400 International Relations of Asia (Hickam-Tuesdays)    
INTR 3900 Contemporary Nations: Philippines (Hickam-Mondays)

For ROTC students with projected commissioning date of May 2014 and have not completed STSS 2601 War and Civilization, I recommend you take the course in Term-2 online. Also, please make sure you meet with your advisor to plan out the remainder of your classes. 

REGISTRATION IS OPEN - so stop by your HPU base office soon to register early!

-MCP @ Hickam