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Hours: Monday - Friday 0800-1200

Information for filling out Tuition Assistance:

  • Prices for Military Campus Programs classes:
    • Tuition:
      • $250/credit
  • Prices for Main Campus and Graduate level classes:
  • Our classes are considered semester hours
  • Most classes* are 3 semester hours
    • *Exclusions may include: CSCI 2916, PHYS 203X courses, PHYS 205X courses, PSY 2100, and language courses
  • Dates  for the course
    • Select term dates from Air Force portal

Please be sure to turn in your signed and approved TA voucher as early as possible. You can email it to us at:, or drop it off at our office Monday through Friday between 0830 and 1630.

*** Air Force TA Reminder: TA should be submitted for approval no earlier than 45 days before the term begins and NO LATER THAN 7 days before term begins ***

Working on your CCAF? Let HPU help you complete the requirements!

We offer courses that will fulfill all your CCAF requirements each term. Check with the staff in Room 208 for more information.
*Placement testing may be required for Written Communication and Math courses.  


24/7 Online Homework & Tutoring Assistance!!
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      - This program is available to: dependent children of active duty Air Force personnel, deployed Reserve and Air National Guard personnel and Air Force Wounded Warriors
      - Inactive and part-time Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard personnel and their dependents are also eligible
(-Gloria Kwizera, Ho'okele 22 Feb 2013)