Register Online

How to Register for Classes Online
1)    Log on to Pipeline at

2)    Once you have successfully logged in, click on “Register Online” under “My Quick Links”.

3)    Click on “Register or Change Classes,” item #2.

4)    Select the term you want to register classes for (i.e., Fall 2015) and click on “Submit.”
     -New students will need to see their advisor first to obtain the Alternate Pin.

5)    There are two ways to register for classes: with the CRN (Course Registration Number) or if you do not know the CRN, via “Class Search.” The CRN is NOT the course number.
a.    To register by CRN, enter the CRNs for the classes you wish to register for in the boxes on the bottom of the page.
- Click on “Submit Changes” to proceed with the registration process.

b.    To register by class search, click on “Class Search.”
    - In “Subject,” highlight the department you would like to search for classes in (i.e., MATH = Mathematics).
- View sections of the course number you want (i.e., 1105). This is NOT the same as the CRN.
- Click the check box in the left column adjacent to the section you want to register for. Make sure to click on “Register.”

-Things to keep in mind if there are multiple sections of the same course:
 ·        campus column (abbreviated “Cmp”)
(DHC=Downtown/Hawaii Loa; MCP=Military Campus Online; MHK/MPH/MSB/MKB/MSI/MTR=Various Military Bases)
·         day and time  (M=Monday; T=Tuesday; W=Wednesday; R=Thursday; F=Friday)
·         term dates (check start and end dates) 

6)    Repeat step five as necessary.  You will then be able to see the class(es) you successfully registered for and the number of credits you enrolled in.  If there were any registration errors, they will be notated on this page.If you do get a registration error ("Repeat Count Exceeds 0", Prerequisite or Test Score", "Please contact Advisor", etc.), please contact your base advisor for support.

7)    If you need to drop a class you already registered for, look for the drop down menu next to the class you want to drop.  Select “Web Drop” under the “Action” column and click on “Submit Changes” to finalize the drop.

*When registering for classes, consider the following:
A full-time student carries 6 credits per TERM (8-WEEKS); in most cases, this means registering for two classes per term.   Students classified as part-time are registered for 5 credits or less.  Some students are required to register as full-time students in order to maintain eligibility for certain scholarships, loan programs, and/or student housing.  Review any applicable financial paperwork to ensure you are within the guidelines you agreed to when you signed your documents.

If you need assistance with the registration process, please contact your Base Advising Center.  For nursing and other science-related majors, call the Hawaii Loa office at (808) 236-3578.