Friday, March 29, 2013


Book Buyback!!

Saturday, 30 March @ Schofield*


*Sgt Yano Hall; Bldg 102, RM 111

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Power Outage and Phone System

Due to a scheduled power outage here at Hangar 2, 
HPU@Hickam will be closing early Tuesday, 26 March at 1500
Normal business hours will resume Wednesday, 27 March (0830-1730)

HPU is currently experiencing technical issues with our phone system. Most phones are off-line at this time, to include Military Campus locations as well as the main campus. Email is still available, so until this is resolved, please feel free to email us any questions or concerns at:

UPDATE (27 March 2013)
All technical issues seem to be resolved at this time.
Thank you for your patience!

Friday, March 22, 2013

General Education Courses | Term 3

Are you trying to figure out which GenEd courses you can take in Term-3? Maybe to balance out the upper division courses you are taking? We have several GenEd courses that you may want to consider.
BIOL 1500 Conservation Biology
We are offering this course for the first time. This course will emphasize the nature of biodiversity, the growing threats to biodiversity and ecologically sound conservation and resource management practices designed to slow its process. This course is offered at Pearl Harbor on Tuesdays and will satisfy Global C requirement. Course canceled

MARS 1000 Introductory Oceanography
This course is a good option for the Global A requirement. It is usually only offered online and students have been requesting for it to be offered in the classroom. It’s being offered at Tripler on Wednesdays. Course canceled

Accounting Majors:

Aloha Accounting Majors,

If you’ve completed WRI 1200, ACCT 2010 and MATH 1130, you should start on your upper-division Accounting requirements. ACCT 3000 Intermediate Accounting is being offered at Tripler on Wednesdays in Term-3. This course is the first of three requirements in the Intermediate Accounting series. Most of you have taken ACCT 2000 and ACCT 2010 with Professor Richard DePretto. Guess what? He will be the instructor for this ACCT 3000 course. So be sure to register for the class!!

For those looking for an Upper-Division ACCT elective, we are offering ACCT 3350 Federal Income Tax-Organization online. Please note that ACCT 3300 is the prerequisite for this course. 

Nursing (and pre-nursing) Majors:

Aloha Pre-Nursing Majors,

Here are some recommendations for Term-3:

BIOL 2030 Anatomy & Physiology I
BS Pre-Nursing majors are required to complete A&P I & II with the labs. Term-3 is a perfect time to take this course so that you can register for the A&P lab in Summer I (BIOL 2031) and continue with BIOL 2032 in Term-4 (Jul-Sept) as well as the A&P II lab (BIOL 2033) in Summer III. BIOL 2030 will be offered at Tripler on Fridays.
**Summer I and III courses are at Hawaii Loa Campus. Main Campus tuition rates will apply.**

CHEM 1000 Introductory Chemistry
BS Pre-Nursing majors are required to take CHEM 1000 before registering for CHEM 2030. If you are planning to take CHEM 2030 in the Summer, we recommend you register for CHEM 1000 this term. It is recommended that you have completed MATH 1105 Intermediate Algebra before registering for this course as it does require students to have an understanding of algebraic formulas. This course is offered at Hickam on Mondays.

PSY 1000 Intro to Psychology
If you are starting on your Pre-Nursing prerequisites and still completing the Writing requirements, PSY 1000 may be a good course to start with. There is no prerequisite for this course. PSY 1000 is offered at Sand Island on Wednesdays.

Please consult your Academic Advisor regarding other Pre-Nursing courses offered in Term-3.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Internships & Co-op

Come to the Career Services Center's Internship & Co-op Information Sessions this month!

Learn about the internship and cooperative education program which allows eligible students to gain academic credit for work experience.

Thursday, March 21
Internship & Co-op Information Session
Career Services Center Conference Room (FH 502)

To attend this sessions, please RSVP to or (808) 544-0230.  Please provide your name, Student I.D. number, and HPU email address. You may also RSVP through the “Events” tab in your HPU Connect account.
** Feel free to contact us with any questions at or (808) 544-0230.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

TA Suspension

Tuition Assistance SUSPENDED

The following branches have suspended TA, effective immediately:

  • Marine Corps
  • Army
  • Coast Guard
  • Air Force
Nothing has been said in regards to when TA may be reinstated, or whether it will be reinstated. In the meantime, stop by one of our HPU offices to discuss alternate funding ideas for your education.


There's a petition out trying to get TA reinstated, so go SIGN IT HERE

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Need money for college?

Hickam Officers' Spouses' Club
is now accepting scholarship applications for spouses and high school seniors who are dependents of U.S. Military members of all ranks, stationed in Hawaii.

Applications are available at:

Applications MUST be received NLT March 15th, 2013

*Please see the application for specific eligibility and qualification requirements*