Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Interim - December Accelerated Classes

Aloha Hickam Ohana,

If you are not going home for the Holidays and would like to get an extra course in before regular Term-2 starts, consider taking a class in the Interim.

For those completing CCAF, COM 2000 Public Speaking will be offered at Hickam. Besides COM 2000, we are also offering PSY 1000 Intro to Psychology and SOC 1000 Intro to Sociology online - either will meet the Social Science requirement.

For JADM majors, if you need to fulfill an Upper-Division JADM elective requirement, Professor John Little will be teaching JADM 3520 Drug Abuse & Justice at Hickam.

For DMS, INTR, INTLST and PSCI majors, PSCI 3430 America: Images from Abroad is being offered online. This course can fulfill Upper-Division elective requirement for DMS, INTR and PSCI majors. For INTLST majors, this course is an elective option for the American Concentration.

For Business majors, if you have not completed MGMT 1000 Principles of Management, this is a great course to complete during the Interim since it’s a prerequisite for your Upper-Division MGMT courses. If Human Resource Management or General Business is your concentration, MGMT 3421 Managing Employee Benefit Plan is offered online. This course is very relevant to any business setting.

Registration for the Interim is ongoing. Please contact your HPU-MCP Office for more information regarding class time and dates. Or visit the ‘Courses’ tab on our Hickam blog.

Have a Wonderful  & Happy Thanksgiving!!

--Yvonne Vance
Academic Advisor-Hickam