Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Yay A/C!

The A/C in Hangar 2 has been repaired!!

We are leaving it up to instructors (and their classes) whether they remain at Pearl Harbor for the remainder of the term or if they want to move back to Hickam.

So far, the following classes will be held @ Hickam:
INTR 3900
CSCI 1301
PHIL 2090
JADM 2000
JADM 3500
WRI 1200

HIST 3411
JADM 2060

JADM 3550
BIOL 1300
HIST 2001

ACCT 2000
MATH 1130
SOC 3100

MGMT 2000
JADM 3510
MATH 1123

MATH 1101

Updates will be posted as we receive them. Please also check your Pipeline emails for updates from instructors.

Mahalo for your patience and continued cooperation!!

Feel free to contact us with questions or concerns.

-HPU MCP @ Hickam
(updated 20 November @ 1100)