Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Interested in taking INTERIM courses?

Aloha Hickam Ohana!

We are offering some courses you may want to consider taking in the INTERIM. Taking courses in the Interim is a great way to shorten your degree completion time and for some of you, the following courses may be great options:

COM 2000 Public Speaking
For students completing CCAF, Interim is a great time to knock this class off your list since the class is only 2.5 weeks long. For a schedule of class date and time, please check out our earlier blog post. Class will be offered at Hickam.

INTR 3200 National and International Security (formerly PSCI 3630)
DMS, INTLST and PSCI majors may want to consider taking this course offered online in the Interim. This course is a requirement for those interested in pursuing the “International Relations and Security” specialization track in the new International Studies degree program. For those in the old INTLREL catalog, this course will satisfy either the INTR or PSCI requirement. This course can also be used as an elective for DMS and PSCI majors. Dr. Patrick Bratton is teaching this course. The online Interim will start on June 3 and end on July 7.

The Interim classes are usually more intense (especially the ones meeting in the classroom) since you will have to cram all the course work in 5 weeks or 2.5 weeks. For that reason, we do not recommend you take more than (1) Interim class. Students utilizing their VA benefits will be eligible for BAH if you take a 2.5 week Interim course that fulfills your degree requirements. 
See your HPU office soon to sign up!