Thursday, May 30, 2013

DMS, History, PSCI, and INTR Relations/Studies Majors

Aloha DMS, History, PSCI, and INT'L REL/STUDIES Majors!

Here are some courses related to your majors you may want to consider taking in Term-4:
ANTH 3350 Diversity in the Workplace
For INTLST majors (catalog before 2012), this course can substitute for ANTH 3110 or ANTH 3700. Course is offered online and will be taught by Dr. Ruudje Laarhoven.
ARTH 2200 Foundations of Western Art
Dr. Jerome Feldman will be teaching this course at Hickam. He is an art historian with a PhD from Columbia and internationally recognized for his expertise in tribal art of Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands. In 2004, he was named the Slade Visiting Professor at Cambridge, one of the most prestigious honors in academia for art historian. This is a rare opportunity to take a class with him since he normally only teaches at the Main Campus. Students can request for this course to substitute for World C requirement as well as the Art Theme requirement.  The course will be offered on Thursday evenings.
ECON 3400 International Trade & Finance
For INTLREL majors, ECON 3400 will fulfill one of the two ECON requirements. ECON 3400 will be offered online this term. If you prefer to take this course in the classroom, we are planning to offer it at Hickam next term.

FR 1100 Beginning French I
French is only offered once a year. If you have not completed your language requirement and have been waiting for French, please register for this course. FR 1100 is offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Tripler.

HIST 3222 Europe/Age of Revolution
For HIST majors, this course will fulfill the European History requirement. For INTLST majors with European concentration (catalog before 2012), this course is an option for this concentration. HIST 3222 is only offered once a year. If you are scheduled to graduate in less than a year, we recommend you register for this class. This course is offered online

HIST 3676 U.S. Diplomatic History
Dr. Jim Corcoran is back and he is teaching this course on Fridays at Hickam (also teaching HIST 3666 online). If you have been waiting to take a class with him, this would be a great elective for DMS majors. For INTLREL majors, this course will fulfill the HIST requirement and for HIST majors, this course will fulfill the US History or HIST Elective requirement. For INSTLST majors, depending on your concentration, this course could be an option. Please check with your advisor. For PSCI majors, this course could substitute for PSCI 3000. Please see your advisor regarding substitute.

HIST 4961 History of Military Thought
DMS majors graduating in December 2013 and have not taken this course should register for this course in Term-4. HIST majors can take this course for the capstone requirement. Course will be taught by Dr. Justin Vance online.

INTR 1000 The International System
How should we think about this new world that is marked by the integration of globalization and the division of terrorism and genocide? This course will present major works by well-known thinkers on both previous global systems and new views of the present and future international systems. This course is a good Global C option so you only have to take (1) Natural Science course.  INTR 1000 is a lower-division requirement for the new INTLST degree. For PSCI majors, we can substitute this course for the PSCI 2500 requirement. INTR 1000 will be offered online.

INTR 3300 International Law
Last year, students in this class did a mock trial and had the opportunity to persecute or defend a war criminal. If you are planning to go to law school, it will definitely give you an idea of what type of research and preparation are required for an actual trial. Professor Mark Hamilton, a lawyer by profession, will be a great mentor and instructor for this course. Course will be offered at Hickam on Tuesdays.

PSY 3360 Military Psychology
Main topics in this class include clinical psychology and behavioral health in the military and operational psychology. We usually offer this course online but it will be available in the classroom for the first time. LTC Melba Stetz, PhD. has extensive knowledge in this subject matter.  DMS majors can use this course to fulfill upper-division DMS elective. This course will be offered at Hickam on Wednesdays.

We are also offering several other Upper-Division courses this term:
        HIST 3661 History of Warfare to 1500 (Tripler-Wednesdays)
        HIST 3666 U.S. Military History (Online)                  
INTR 3900 Contemporary Nations: Latin America (Online)
PSCI 3500 Comparative Politics (Hickam-Mondays) – this course used to be PSCI 4051