Friday, March 22, 2013

Nursing (and pre-nursing) Majors:

Aloha Pre-Nursing Majors,

Here are some recommendations for Term-3:

BIOL 2030 Anatomy & Physiology I
BS Pre-Nursing majors are required to complete A&P I & II with the labs. Term-3 is a perfect time to take this course so that you can register for the A&P lab in Summer I (BIOL 2031) and continue with BIOL 2032 in Term-4 (Jul-Sept) as well as the A&P II lab (BIOL 2033) in Summer III. BIOL 2030 will be offered at Tripler on Fridays.
**Summer I and III courses are at Hawaii Loa Campus. Main Campus tuition rates will apply.**

CHEM 1000 Introductory Chemistry
BS Pre-Nursing majors are required to take CHEM 1000 before registering for CHEM 2030. If you are planning to take CHEM 2030 in the Summer, we recommend you register for CHEM 1000 this term. It is recommended that you have completed MATH 1105 Intermediate Algebra before registering for this course as it does require students to have an understanding of algebraic formulas. This course is offered at Hickam on Mondays.

PSY 1000 Intro to Psychology
If you are starting on your Pre-Nursing prerequisites and still completing the Writing requirements, PSY 1000 may be a good course to start with. There is no prerequisite for this course. PSY 1000 is offered at Sand Island on Wednesdays.

Please consult your Academic Advisor regarding other Pre-Nursing courses offered in Term-3.