Friday, March 22, 2013

General Education Courses | Term 3

Are you trying to figure out which GenEd courses you can take in Term-3? Maybe to balance out the upper division courses you are taking? We have several GenEd courses that you may want to consider.
BIOL 1500 Conservation Biology
We are offering this course for the first time. This course will emphasize the nature of biodiversity, the growing threats to biodiversity and ecologically sound conservation and resource management practices designed to slow its process. This course is offered at Pearl Harbor on Tuesdays and will satisfy Global C requirement. Course canceled

MARS 1000 Introductory Oceanography
This course is a good option for the Global A requirement. It is usually only offered online and students have been requesting for it to be offered in the classroom. It’s being offered at Tripler on Wednesdays. Course canceled