Friday, March 22, 2013

Accounting Majors:

Aloha Accounting Majors,

If you’ve completed WRI 1200, ACCT 2010 and MATH 1130, you should start on your upper-division Accounting requirements. ACCT 3000 Intermediate Accounting is being offered at Tripler on Wednesdays in Term-3. This course is the first of three requirements in the Intermediate Accounting series. Most of you have taken ACCT 2000 and ACCT 2010 with Professor Richard DePretto. Guess what? He will be the instructor for this ACCT 3000 course. So be sure to register for the class!!

For those looking for an Upper-Division ACCT elective, we are offering ACCT 3350 Federal Income Tax-Organization online. Please note that ACCT 3300 is the prerequisite for this course.