Thursday, September 20, 2012

Attention JADM Majors!

Aloha JADM Majors,

We have almost two more weeks of registration before the start of Term-1. We have quite a number of JADM classes offered at Hickam and online this term so lots of choices.
JADM 1000 Crimes and Criminals
I know this class is not quite appealing since it’s on a Saturday but it’s a great intro to the JADM program. Also, no writing prerequisite is required for the class so if you are still taking Writing and would like to start delving into JADM courses, this would be a good choice.

JADM 3500 Criminal Law
If you are planning to take JADM 3300 Criminal Procedures next term, I recommend you take JADM 3500 this term. Students tend to do better if they take JADM 3500 before JADM 3300. Also, we have Judge Randal Lee teaching the course. He is a Circuit Court Judge and was in the Honolulu Prosecutor’s Office prior to becoming a judge.

JADM 3510 Crime Victims and Justice
This course is an option for your Upper-Division JADM Electives. Professor Jennifer Merkle is the instructor for the course. She is an attorney with the Federal Detention Center. She has prior experiences as a social worker and is very interested in the field of victimology. She will bring personal experiences and real life situations into the classroom. Professor Merkle is also teaching JADM 3310 Law Enforcement: Contemporary Issues online. 

JADM 3550 CSI: Theories and Practices
This course received rave reviews the last time it was offered in class. It includes a visit to the morgue and videos/scenarios assist in the learning environment. Professor Sheryl Sunia retired from the Honolulu Police Department in 2009 after 29 years of service (20 years as a detective). In 2011, she became the first woman to be assigned to the homicide detail. She also worked as a hostage/crisis negotiator and was involved in several high profile cases. With this much experience, I’m sure you would find her class an enriching experience. Professor is also teaching JADM 2050 Basic Criminology online.