Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Attention DMS & INTLREL/ST Majors!!

Aloha DMS and INTLREL/ST Majors,

We have two more weeks of registration before the start of Term-1. We have some changes to courses offered as well as some interesting courses that may interest you.
INTR 3000/PSCI 3100 International Relations
If you are waiting to take International Relations, it is no longer offered as PSCI 3100 but INTR 3000. It’s offered online this term and the instructor is Kim DeVidts. We are hoping to offer the course in the classroom in Term-3 if you prefer not to take it online.

HIST 4661 History of Military Thought
If you are planning to graduate in May 2013, please take this course in Term-1. This course is normally offered only once a year.

PHIL 2090 Principles of Logic
This course is being taught as a Directed Study this term. The class will meet the first week and possibly another 4 or 5 more times in the classroom. The rest of the time, the course will be online. Since it’s a directed study, we cap the enrollment at 7. There are already 5 students in the class so if you need it to graduate in December 2012, please register as soon as possible. 

We are offering several Upper-Division DMS Electives this term:
                HIST 3411 US: Jackson to Civil War (Hickam)
                INTR 3900 Contemporary Nations: India (Hickam)
                PSCI 3200 Public Administration (Online)
                PSCI 3890 Homeland Security (Online)

INTR 3900 Contemporary Nations: India
Most may not see India as relevant but here’s some insight about this country and this course from Dr. James Corcoran:
India is now designated as one of the Pacific Command’s most important security and strategy partners in Asia.  India is the fourth most powerful military in the world, America #1, Russia #2, China #3 (reference Global Firepower,  at http://www.globalfirepower.com/ ). India is in the top 10 of the world’s economies (reference http://www.rediff.com/business/slide-show/slide-show-1-india-to-be-among-top-10-economic-superpowers/20120514.htm ).
The competition with China for dominance over the Indian Ocean increases where India’s navy (modeled on the British Navy as a legacy of colonialization) is seen to be superior to China’s (now expanding) navy (Dr. Corcoran’s article on the Indian Navy and Indian Ocean at http://www.hpu.edu/CHSS/History/HistoryDepartment/ADMSNewsletter/admsdeclassifiedfeb.pdf ).
My experience as the Defense and Army Attaché and Security Assistance Officer in Dhaka Bangladesh, working directly together with diplomatic and military personnel from Pakistan, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Burma, China and other regional neighbors, combined with my academic studies in the field of India and South Asia make for a course of instruction which combines practical field experience with academic achievement.
This course will include assessment of India in the larger region to include relations with and roles of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Burma, China, Russia, and other major players to include the United States of America.