Thursday, June 19, 2014

NEW!!!! Military Spouse Scholarship Program at HPU

Aloha HPU Students,

I am pleased to announce the continuation of a Military Spouse Scholarship Program at HPU.  Starting with Term 4 2014, scholarships will be awarded in $375 or $750 amounts and can now be used university wide instead of just in Military Campus Programs.  To be eligible to compete for the limited amount of Spouse Scholarship funds available:

- Spouse must possess valid Department of Defense ID Card
- Spouse must be enrolled as a FULL-TIME student
- HPU Grade Point Average of 3.0 or better (1st Term exception)
- Priority to spouses of service members deployed more than180 days
- Spouses with Post 9/11 Education Benefits (delegated or personal) at
 less than 100% eligibility
- MyCAA may be used with the scholarship
- Spouse must be ineligible for HPU employee tuition waiver
- Spouse must be ineligible for Military Tuition Assistance

To apply (applications are already being accepted for Term 4 -July 1 deadline- and Fall –August 18 deadline):

Dr. Justin W. Vance
Interim Dean
Off-Campus Programs
Hawaii Pacific University