Thursday, February 28, 2013

DMS, HIST, PSCI, Int'l Studies

Aloha DMS, HIST, PSCI and INTLREL/ST Majors,

Here are some courses related to your majors you may want to consider taking in Term-3, 2013:

HIST 3501 Islam and the Middle East
This course is only offered once a year. If you have interest in the Middle East and/or your current job requires you to have knowledge about the politics and socio-cultural issues in the Middle East, I recommend you register for this course. It can be used as a DMS elective and will fulfill the Non-Eurasian or Elective requirement for HIST majors. Dr. Justin Vance will be teaching this course online.

HIST 3668 Military History of Hawaii
This is a new course we are offering at HPU. The course will examine Military History of Hawaii from the time of unification of the Hawaiian Kingdom to present. Students will meet five Monday evenings in the classroom at Hickam and the have five field study meetings on Saturdays or Sundays. Field study will include Battle of Nuuanu at the Pali Lookout, National Cemetary of the Pacific (Punchbowl), Hawaii Plantation Village and Museum, Iolani Palace, Arizona Memorial, Battleship Missouri Memorial and Pacific Aviation Museum. It can be used as a DMS elective and will fulfill the Non-Eurasian or Elective requirement for HIST majors. The course will be team taught by Dr. Justin Vance and Professor Brenden Bliss. For more information, check out the Term-3 bulletin write-up on page 18.

HUM 3900 Research & Writing in Humanities
This course is a requirement for INTLST majors and is offered only once a year. DMS majors can take this course in place of HIST 3900 (online only in Term-1), especially if you prefer to take a F2F Upper-Division Research & Writing course instead of online. HIST majors can take HUM 3900 in place of HIST 2900, which is offered online only. This course will be taught by Jocelyn Cardenas on Thursdays at Hickam.

INTR 3930 Contemporary Nations: China
Dr. Jim Corcoran is scheduled to teach this course. For those of you who missed taking a class with him last term, this course will fulfill requirements for INTLST/INTLREL majors as well as electives for DMS and PSCI majors. China is a current hot topic and no one better than Dr. Corcoran to teach this class. He not only speaks the language but has in depth knowledge of China, having spent some time in his career there. This course is offered at Hickam on Monday evenings.

PHIL 2090 Principles of Logic
DMS and HIST majors who prefer to not take MATH for the Research B requirement should take PHIL 2090. Dr. William Akina will be teaching this course at Camp Smith on Tuesdays.

The following Upper-Division DMS requirements are also offered this term:
HIST 3662 War and Society Since 1500 with Professor Brenden Bliss (Online)
INTR 3000 International Relations with Dr. Carlos Juarez (Tripler-Fridays)
                                Note: PSCI 3100 is now INTR 3000
PSCI 3412 American Foreign Policy with Professor Bob Popp (Hickam-Tuesdays)

We are also offering several other Upper-Division Electives this term:
HIST 3326 Cultural History of Japan with Professor Mark Hamilton (Hickam-Wednesdays)
INTR 3905 Contemporary Nations: European Union with Professor Kim De Vidts (Online)

Those trying to complete language requirements, we are offering the following languages this term:
JPE 1100 Beginning Japanese I with Prof. Mayumi Hirata (Pearl Harbor-Tuesdays and Thursdays)
SPAN 1100 Beginning Spanish I with Prof. Michele Guarino (Tripler-Mondays and Wednesdays)

For ROTC students with projected commissioning date of May 2014, I recommend you meet with your advisor to plan out the remainder of your classes.